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Selling you handmade gourmet popcorn


Sam is proud to sell popcorn to all of his customers.  He loves meeting them and hearing their stories. This page is dedicated to their stories and comments about his popcorn. Sam hopes that you enjoy reading them as much as as he enjoyed receiving them.

Kelsey, SA

I just wanted to thank you for personally deliverying my order this afternoon. We were amazed when we heard your story and think your popcorn tastes great! (you were right, as soon as we opened the packet, it really did only last five minutes! :)).

Sarah, NT

Your popcorn is the best I have ever tasted. I will be ordering some more VERY soon!

Anna, SA

Dear Sam, I was fortunate enough to buy your popcorn at the Regal Theatre. It was so delicious I bought another salted caramel while leaving the theatre. I appreciate the natural products, proving that a good product doesn't have to contain multiple additives with numbers that mean nothing. Congratulations on all your hard work as you have produced a high quality product. I also appreciated the resealable packaging...not that the popcorn lasted very long, and I also liked the packaging because it didn't make as much noise as the usual chip and lolly bags. I have placed a personal order that I am going to give to my friends so they too can learn of your enterprise. Very best wishes for continued success of this enterprise.

Marg & Jenna's class, VIC

Dear Sam, The students in our class watched your story on BTN and we were really proud of your initiative. We think you are extraordinary! We hope your business blooms and you make lots of money. You have inspired us to think about our own business possibilities. Good luck for the future, Marg & Jenna's class.

Phil, Magill SA

Thanks again for your delivery today.... you’ve got a fantastic product.

Anonymous, Carlton VIC

Hi we saw you on BTN and we think you are amazing and inspirational. Meg and Julia think you are the bomb.

Paul S, Launceston TAS

The popcorn was great the kids have demolished it already!

Daniela, Glenelg Nth SA

The popcorn was amazing!

Lena C, NSW

Dear Sam, We saw your interview on Behind the News. We were very intrigued by your popcorn business. We are looking forward to ordering and tasting your delicious popcorn. Our school is in Hurstville NSW. Would you like to visit our school? Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

Kate T, Morphett vale SA

Hi Sam, We watched your btn story in our class yesterday. I was wondering if we could order some popcorn for our students to try. Kind Regards P.s. Your story was very inspiring keep up the good work!

Ken D, Orange NSW

I am not worried if it takes a few weeks for delivery. Schoolwork and having fun comes first.

Diane B, Wollongong NSW

Hi Sam, my class and I just watched your story on BTN. We were wondering where you deliver your popcorn to. We were keen to try your popcorn ! We were all very impressed with your efforts. Regards.

Sophie, Paradise SA

Hi Sam we are a year 5 class in the east of Adelaide. Congratulations on your popcorn business. We saw your business on BTN, and we were inspired by you! We thought we would support you, and buy some of your popcorn for our movie afternoon in a few weeks! Continue popping, Sophie

Ryan H, Kirawee NSW

Hi Sam. Keep up the good work champion!

Stephanie, Salisbury SA

Hello Sam, we can’t wait to try your amazing popcorn in our classroom. Could we have our popcorn delivered to us during school hours. Thank you

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