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Selling you handmade gourmet popcorn
Sam has been very lucky to have had lots of support while he has been building his business. Below are some of the businesses that have given their time, agreed to sell his popcorn or work with his business.  We hope you and your friends support them as much as possible and enjoy reading about them as much as Sam enjoys working with them.
EOS by SkyCity

EOS by SkyCity are proud supporters of many South Australian businesses and artisans including Sam's Popcorn. Such is their commitment to local artists that EOS by SkyCity commissioned over 900 pieces of art from local artists prompting one publication to recently declare: 'EOS is secretly a great South Australian contemporary art gallery'.  


Sam is very proud to supply Sam's Popcorn to the EOS Hotel as Adelaide's newest 5 Star luxury hotel located in the Adelaide CBD.  EOS by SkyCity brings a new realm of luxury to Adelaide where a love for the unexpected meets a deep local knowledge and subtle gestures underpin indulgent experiences.  With EOS by SkyCity your every need is considered and every desire answered. Sam is very grateful for its support and commitment to South Australian businesses. If you decide to stay at this amazing hotel remember to look out for some of Sam's Popcorn and don't forget to say Sam sent you.

eos skycity.jpg
Send A Gourmet Basket
Gourmet Basket

Send A Gourmet Basket go out of their way to support local business and their support of Sam's Popcorn has been no different. Their award winning gift hampers have been delighting corporate and retail clients since 2002 , featuring carefully selected South Australian food (including Sam's Popcorn) and wine that's teamed with quality giftware. 

Create a memorable impression with your clients by sending them a delectable gourmet gift hamper made to order especially for you. They specialise in large corporate orders for various companies including builders, real estate agents, health care and the finance industry. All message cards are hand written and you can add your own promotional products to the gift hamper including your corporate ribbon.

They offer same day delivery in metropolitan Adelaide and also deliver to SA country and interstate addresses.

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The Regal Theatre
The Regal Theatre

The Regal Theatre was the very first business to support Sam's Popcorn. They stock Sam's delicious popcorn in their kiosk which set in their foyer area. Sam is very proud of his relationship with the Regal Theatre and hopes it continues for years to come.


Built in 1925 the Regal Theatre was formerly known as the Chelsea Theatre and later as the Ozone Theatre. It was carefully restored in 1941 with an Art Deco design and again refurbished in the 1980's. The later refurbishment involved a massive replacement of about 800 stage lights in front of the screen's curtains, side walls and ceiling.  Bringing the Regal Theatre auditorium is back to it’s resplendent best we think the results speak for themselves!

regal theatre 3.jpg
regal theatre.jpg

To see more or to book tickets online go to

The Para Hills Community Club
Para Hills Centre

The Para Hills Community Club is an avid supporter of Sam's Popcorn. Involving Sam's Popcorn in special kid food nights, special events and is dedicated to continuing this support in their anniversary celebration events in 2019. Sam is proud to work with an award winning and community minded club.


The Award Winning Para Hills Community Club is a fully licensed venue with a welcoming atmosphere. Their facilities include a Club Bar, Sports Bar, Bistro (with views over the surrounding parklands and Kids Playroom), private Function Room, alfresco decking area and Founders Gaming Room. A great place to meet friends or just be part of the community. 


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RoboPop Vortex Popcorn Machines
robopop logo.png


Sam has been using Robopop's vortex machine for over 12 months and has been very happy with its performance.  Robopop's customer service has also been very good. They always respond very quickly to emails which is particularly amazing because the company is based in Russia! The machine is easy to use and very easy to keep clean.


Vortex Popcorn™ machine Robopop® is a new type of machines, which pops kernels using revolutionary technology. 

  • Vortex Popcorn™! No oil is used for popping; no carcinogens, no trans-fats, and production cost is lower

  • Popcorn has 20% less calories but it is as tasty and crunchy as movie-style popcorn

  • 30% less oil consumption for salted/savory popcorn 

  • 100% less oil consumption for caramel/cheese popcorn

  • Vortex Popcorn™ machines Robopop® fully automatic


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