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Selling you handmade gourmet popcorn
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Following a secret process Sam developed in his lab, Sam creates his cheddar cheese flavour which is best suited to the true cheese lovers among us. Why not give it a try and order a bag today!

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Nutritional information for a single Snack Pack  Cheddar Cheese popcorn

cheddar cheese snack pack

Nutritional information for  Jumbo Cheddar Cheese popcorn

cheddar cheese jumbo nutritional.png

Nutritional information for Large      Cheddar Cheese popcorn

cheddar cheese large nutritional.png

Ingredients: Popcorn, rice bran oil, milk solids, salt, vegetable shortening, vegetable powders, maltodextrin, cheese powders, hydrolysed vegetable protein, mineral salts, flavour enhancers, sugar, wheat flour, Worcestershire sauce powder, yeast extracts, anticaking agent (551), vegetable oil

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